Writing Romance is So Much Fun!

Magical-Love-WebSmDon’t miss Magical Love, coming out on February 11, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The book hatched when I began wondering how a true nerd scientist, struck by the mating urge, would get women to notice him.  Scientifically, of course.  Jason invents a modern day “love potion”, a carefully formulated chemical concoction designed to irresistibly attract the opposite sex.

Well, you can just image what a storm of havoc that lets loose.  Unwittingly, Jason falls  for one of his test subjects, only to realize he may be the first victim of his own meddling with nature.  What but disaster can result when the “potion” is cut off!

Backpedaling frantically, Jason races to destroy every drop of his love-enhancer before it breaks more hearts than his.  He is too late.  The “potion” has already brought its whirlwind effect into lives of two more couples.

Magical Love follows all three through the often hilarious ups and downs of romance on chemical assist.

You can pre-order Magical Love right now from Amazon.com.


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