Cast of Characters

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Cast of Characters

Amelia Radmore
A sheltered reformer who will do almost anything to rescue the children that are her passion and send them  Canada.

Strawberry Rose
Dazzling musical sensation taking London by storm.  Trying to escape Bertie, lusty Prince of Wales, she gets far more adventure than she bargains for.

Red Nell
An Irish tinker transformed into a bizarre, terrifying underworld potentate. Her weakness is fierce ambition for her daughter, Strawberry Rose.

Adam Crisp
Striding back from a ten year exile in Canada, Adam means to avenge the wrongs that sent him packing. He gives his heart unwisely and that is his undoing.

Henry Crisp
Adam’s younger brother grown very rich by selling off his father’s mills to build an ostentatious London mansion. Obsessed with Rose, he lies in wait to spring his trap.

Louisa Crisp
Their mother desperately trying to social climb in a London society that has scant patience for clumsy provincial nouveau riche

Althea Wharton
An enterprising “social godmother” whose superb skills behind the scenes make her foolishly imagine she is pulling all the strings.

 Morton Jenks
Larcenous overseer of the Infant’s Asylum. He loathes children   and suffers torments trying to force his nerve to match his greed.

Slow-witted servant at the Infant’s Asylum, broken in the mines. She shields young Katie with her life.

The Children

Abandoned newborn in a gutter, Katie becomes a street child trying to survive in a place where few reach their 20th birthday. Her only hope is Amelia.

The pampered but illegitimate darling of an Elizabeth manor tossed upon charity by unscrupulous relatives.

Rickety, abused survivor of a basket-making sweatshop. Eternally optimistic, passionately loyal.

Soot-stained climbing boy whose simple, honest devotion strives to keep Katie alive in her darkest hour.