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GHDog3GR-2What do you get from my books? Pure enjoyment, I hope. We humans are hooked on stories.  I’m no different.  Characters I adore get into all sorts of trouble and I just HAVE to see what they’ll do next. Some make it out, some don’t. All keep me on the edge of my seat where I’m cheering as hard as I can. Won’t it be fun if you join me there.

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The Tomorrow Country

TC-FinalA ripping gallop through the social ferment  of 1870s London. The  survival of street child Katie depends on a pack of devious rogues, clueless radicals and desperate social climbers.  Toss in a remittance man on the run, an outrageous diva and the lusty Prince of Wales himself and you have a pot of passions well stirred indeed.

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Magical-Love-WebIs there a formula for true love?

When two people fall in love, it’s magical…but sometimes the magic needs a little nudging.

Or so biochemist, Jason Lucas, thought when he developed a formula to help love-challenged people like himself find true love. Ironically, in Will He Be Mine, the millionaire scientist unwittingly begins a searing relationship with one of his test subjects—only to realize his feelings might be the totally artificial results of his own formula. He had not considered the heartbreak that could come when the formula was cut off.

Determined to stop all testing on his love enhancer, Jason elicits the help of his assistant, Lydia, to collect the last samples from nerdish test subject, Damone Reid. This quest propels the curvaceous, African-American woman into a wild adventure in Man on the Run, fueled by a rejuvenated, romantic Damone, who sweeps her away and off her feet.

Unfortunately, Damone’s samples go astray and end up in Penny Clark’s perfume. In Animal Magnetism, Penny is thrilled to find if she has unusual skills around wild animals. Intrigued by her abilities, rugged veterinarian, Garth Snowden, soon falls under her spell. But after one night of explosive passion their love is put to the test when Garth discovers Penny heartbreaking secret.

 Magical Love tells the stories of three couples whose lives changed drastically after using the love enhancer formula. Yet despite the heated romances and emotional intimacy, doubt creeps into the relationships-–is it true love or is it the formula?

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