Geese – Flying South?


The first killdeer is back from Venezuela.

They’re back.  The flocks of Canada geese are now in the sky. Long Vs of noisy fliers sweeping along in search of their summer homes.  The odd thing is, all the ones I spotted today were flying south instead of north.  I sure hope they didn’t spend the winter freezing their tail feathers off because their compass was on the blink.


Canada geese arriving in streams. From the north!

Other signs of spring besides emerging beer bottles are the first killdeer with its sharp metal cry in the pasture, robins, starlings, yet more red winged blackbirds scouting the bird feeder and the marsh. And a lone goose squawking on the ice of the beaver pond wondering when the party starts.


After a night of -17C, these daffodils laugh at the wintery blast.

The roadside snowbanks have shrunk to ribbons and brown grass is making an appearance in patches  as snow retreats.  The road is streaked with dried white road salt.  If a good spring rain comes to wash it away, I’ll maybe — oh, reckless ambition– be able to bring out my bike.

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