February, Whacky Holiday Month

Well, it’s deep into winter and about the time we all get a bit crazy.  Evidence of this is all the nutty holidays scattered about the month by people trying to cheer themselves up. Now that Valentine’s day and Family Day have passed, we need not be without something to celebrate.  Did you know that Feb. 20 is Cherry Pie Day in which patriotic Americans bake a scrumptious cherry pie in honour of George Washington who confessed he chopped down the cherry tree.

February also contains Hoodie-Hoo Day (Feb.20) in which the copoed up folks of the northern hemisphere step outside, wave their hands above their heads and chant “Hoodie-Hoo”.

How about Do a Grouch a Favour Day (Feb. 16) in which each of us sweetens up our local grouch with unexpected goodwill, treats and a helping hand.  Love Your Pet Day (Feb. 20) happens every day for pet lovers but the dog might like to celebrate International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day (Feb. 23).  Polar Bear Day (Feb.27) might spur extremists to take the plunge in a polar bear dip.

My vote is for Public Sleeping day (Feb. 28) and No Brainer Day (Feb. 27) when you do something extremely simple or just fall asleep in public.

The very best way to wait for spring.


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