Thanksgiving Ahead. Start the Turkey Now.


Can’t wait to get out of this box and see the world.

In case any of you are wondering what your turkey looks like before it arrives on your table, here are a couple of pics.  It’s May and turkey poults (what baby turkeys are called) arrive at the local farm store  in cardboard boxes.  They await pickup by their new owners who ordered them early in the year.


I plan to grow into a handsome fellow.

They may look like chickens but you can tell they are turkeys by the little knob on their face which will grow into the distinctive red snood that hangs over the beak.  These little guys were all chirpy and lively and interested in the camera.  They have a pampered life of leisure ahead of them which will include a continuous all-they-can-eat buffet.  They will never, however, look forward to the holidays.


Destiny calls. Yum!

Next to the box of young turkeys was a box of yellow chicks slated to become meat chickens.  They were picked up by a father with three excited little girls in tow.  I would love to see what happens weeks from now when those kids find out what the “meat” part really means.

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