Spooky Fun with Photoshop

Since it is the scary season, I’ll post the images I created for our photo club’s monthly challenge.  Last month asked for the eerie.  We all had a great time.  Here goes:

Post found behind the barn. The previous users did not clean up after themselves.



Cattle are a little different after dark. Stay out of the pasture when the sun goes down.


After almost two hundred years, the lady got fed up with lying around. Now she’s up to look about her and perhaps buttonhole you for a chat.  Village gravestone and vintage photo (1890) from a yard sale box.


Apocalypse Now? Nope, just a local church tower and heap of burning Visa bills helping out with the Fire and Brimstone section.


“Hey, freaky dude, you’re not Timmy. Where’s Timmy? I’m not going anywhere without Timmy.”


Family quarrel in the woodworking tribe. The uppity chain saw bragged once too often. The axe resorted to the dispersion effect.


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