The County Fair, Covid Style

With all gathering events pretty well shut down this year, the county fair seemed likely to also take a miss. However, the fair has been going since 1836, through wars and pestilence, and was not about to be stopped now by some pesky virus. This year’s version, health conscious, was strictly drive through.

The vehicle line up went on and on.

With no one allowed out of their vehicle, the fair displays were lined up along the track in front of the historic exhibition stand.  The county heeded the call.  Cars were lined up along the road to the entrance.  Slowly, they tootled in, past the line up of proudly shined up vintage tractors, farm machinery and classic autos.  

Vintage tractor with covid-proof driver.

Next was the food court where mini donuts and other goodies awaited along with a free chocolate milk and a milk calendar.  Those who weren’t hungry could pull ahead and drive on to the cattle barn where calves, goats and chickens sat fenced  beside the route for the delight of children.  One could stop and look as long as one wished.

For the enjoyment of youngsters, calves are almost within reach.

After the livestock, cars continued on right into the cattle barn which had been converted into a venue to show off quilts, jams, children’s art work, giant pumpkins and all sorts of county vegetables.

The country quilters are the best. And prize-winning preserve makers too.

A much truncated fair, to be sure, but one that keeps the tradition going without break.  We did without the midway, the tractor pull, the horse shows and the best dog in costume competition. So this year there was no admission, only a donation at the end if one were so inclined.  Everyone was. The donation bucket did very well and the county fair beat covid to soldier on for yet another season.

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