Fun with Photoshop, Gateway to Weird Delights

For the past year or so, I have been entranced by Photoshop and have absorbed a horde of tutorials.  Finally, it’s a way to produce some art without needing the ability to draw. This was always my block as I have been unwilling to put in the ten thousand hours allegedly required to master such a skill.

A visit to the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) yielded a whole herd of dinosaur pals. This one needs a drink.

Photoshop makes possible any fantasy so long as there is a bit of raw material to work with. With its vast array of brushes and other tools, it is also possible to produce awesome art totally from scratch. All digital, of course, disappearing at the touch of a key. In two hundred years, folks will still be able to read medieval parchment but all our digital creations are likely to have vanished with the ancient hard drives that held them.

A gal can do a lot with a back road, a train at the local station and a few clouds. I call this one the Car Driver’s Big Surprise.

I’ve also learned that no photo online, in print or elsewhere is trustworthy.  We have become so accustomed to eye-popping colour enhancements, removal of awkward objects, replaced backgrounds, etc. that an honest, unretouched photo, straight from the camera, looks flat and dull.  And with every phone now sporting a good lens, the world is inundated with billions of images every day.

A big glass ball just floating down the road past the farm.

All that aside, I love Photoshop. It has a steep learning curve but worth the climb.  I have a very long way to go yet, but I don’t mind. I am having a grand old time. I just thought I’d post a few of my current creations to show where I am on the great ladder of Photoshop skill that still stretches above my head far up into the sky.  Enjoy!


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