We Wait and Wait to Dash Across


Trimmed iron rods. Perhaps our new railing.

So close and yet so far.  The bridge, though filled in now with gravel, has not progressed much.  The row of steel rods along each side have been neatly trimmed. Looks like they will be some kind of railing.  I hope we’ll still be able to peek through through them at the rushing stream.

The stream isn’t rushing much this time of year.  It’s just a sedate brown trickle over the broad limestone ledge.  One can walk under the arch without danger of wetting one’s toes.


Under the arch with only a trickle. The preserved stone wall of the 19th century mill is visible just beyond on the left.

However, there is earth spread along the sides of the road, giving hopes of a grassy verge.  The trail into our little conservation area has been rebuilt.  Now the ATVs can get in to deepen the ruts so no bicycle can go whizzing through the brushy shortcut to Black Road.  Large mounds of gravel sit reserved for some mysterious future purpose.  Perhaps the grader napping at the top of the hill will put it to good use.



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