Bridge Site Now Domain of Monsters

Br Monsters-1Does anyone even think about the hordes of pick and shovel labourers needed for any public work in the past? From the pyramids to Sir John A.’s railway cuts, straining muscles did the work. At our little bridge site, I doubt there is a hardly pick or shovel to be found.

Men in hard hats stand back and watch the monsters hammer the bedrock, scoop up the dirt, pack down the new gravel roadbed. I see the machines go past on their massive trailers and ride back again when their turn is done. How many sweating bodies have they put out of work? How many bodies are ever so grateful to seek air-conditioned employment?

BrMonster2The gap where the bridge was remains as big as ever. I’m cheering for the monsters to get their jobs done soon.

Gail Hamilton’s books.

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