Personal Weight Training Program: Pick Up a Ton and Move it Several Times

Each fall the firewood arrives. Four cords usually.   And I stack them all.

Wood comes by the truckload.

A cord of wood is four feet by four feet by eight feet and is dumped in a heap on my door step each fall. Each piece of wood weighs an average of ten pounds. Every ten pieces that pass through my hands is 100 pounds. So 200 pieces of firewood equal one ton and each cord has hundreds of pieces. Quite a fast way to build muscle.

The challenge.

Partially stacked, neat and tidy. Much more to go.

But wait, there’s more.  The wood is carefully stacked outside until needed in the basement wood stove. Each piece of wood is then lifted from the stack to the wheelbarrow, lifted from the barrow and tossed down to the basement door, tossed inside the basement, stacked in the basement and ultimately carried to stove to feed the fire.  That means a ten pound chunk of firewood has been lifted six times. So each 10 pieces really equals 600 pounds of weight lifting and 200 pieces provides a handy three tons of exercise.

The end result., a happy, well fed stove. No heat as cozy wood heat.

Should I say, move over Mr. Muscleman Atlas? Sure why not.


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