First Brave Caterpillar. In February!

February caterpillar marching on the road.

Quick update on arriving spring.  It’s February 22 and I’m doing my hike down the road.  Until I spot a tiny creature recklessly heading onto the pavement and certain squashing.  To my amazement, it was a caterpillar marching where only days ago the worst snow of the year kept us all holed up in our houses.

The same road only a week before.

I’m not surprised by robins any more as they have figured out how to stay around all winter, as do many Canada geese.  However, the big flocks of geese appeared flying over on the same day as the caterpillar.  And the day after, the indestructible pair of swans showed up again to stake out their  housekeeping domain even though the ice is still eight inches thick on the pond.

Swan pair finally driven out by the first big freeze last year. Now they’re back on the ice to start all over again. they get a medal for determination.

So where did the caterpillar come from?  How did it survived the bitter cold only a week or so before and emerge fat and sassy to trundle onto the pavement? A mystery of nature to me.

I did move it off the road and send it off in the other direction. The caterpillar is  either suicidal to come out so soon from wherever it was hiding  or a sure sign that life is back. 

I’ll pick the latter.




2 thoughts on “First Brave Caterpillar. In February!”

  1. A few species do overwinter in this area in the caterpillar stage. They essentially produce alcohols which act as antifreeze. This one looks like it might be one of the Looper species, but I’m not sure.

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