The Mysterious Turnaround People

B Turnaround People

Another urgent U turn

A constant puzzle are the cars along my country road, which suddenly screech to a halt, back into the driveway, and roar back the way they came.  All along the road, the shoulder also yields evidence of vehicles that have done a complete U turn to speed off in the opposite direction.

So who are these fickle folk?  Morning bumblers who finally clue in that it’s Saturday and they don’t have to rush to work?  Absent minded cooks who left the stew simmering on the burner. Couples breaking up on the fly, making their dinner date a joke?  Some whip around so fast you’re convinced they must have left the baby on the porch.

And another thing.  No one stops in to ask directions any more.  They only pause to consult devices.  Sometimes, I see the same car pass up the road, back down, and then up again after one of those sharp turns outside.   Going faster each time.  And getting more lost.

Perhaps its time more people invested in a paper map, some yoga and irons that turn themselves off when abandoned in the morning melee.

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