Surprise, Surprise! They’re Going To Pave the Road


Construction signs in waiting.

Yes, it’s a big deal.  The road past the house has been prolific mother to potholes and scaling off chunks of asphalt into the ditches for years.  It is uneven and has developed long grooves where the traffic rumbles along. We just live with it and envy the velvety new pavement that extends from the village’s new bridge and stops a mile short of the house.


Stakes bearing cryptic numbers along the road.

Until, one day, a notice is slipped into the mailbox.  Please pardon the inconvenience but work on the road begins in a week.  Lightning speed for construction in my neighbourhood. If I needed further proof, a pile of orange construction signs appeared in the ditch next to the fence.  Looks like I have a front row seat for everything.


Ceremonial placing of marker cones.

So far, a fellow in an orange vest has marched down the road, pushing a small wheel on a stick. In his wake, spray painted numbers on the asphalt and tall stakes driven in beside the marks with numerals only the initiated can decipher.

On the morning after the march, the big machines started rolling in, unloaded from floats and parked in the wide, flat ditch across from my barn. Turns out, I have the best parking spot along the entire stretch slated for improvement.  Two rollers, a grader, a huge white machine with a long neck like a brontosaurus and another orange monster with tires as tall as me and steel shields beneath it reaching to the ground. No hint as to what it might do.


Arrival of the portable toilet. A work crew must really be coming.

And that sure sign of a construction site, the arrival of a bright turquoise portable toilet right across from my windows.

Now even more excitement with the placing of orange and black cones on the road.

Action is building. Stayed tuned to see what happens next.



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