Saved from the Rural Road Death Gauntlet


Pint sized painted turtle saved from a squishing on busy country road.

Pretty cute little critter.  Spotted her just starting across the road, so optimistic that she could make alive.


Hiding inside her shell. Not even a handful.

I was not optimistic.  She was not even as big as a fist and would certainly fall victim to the first speeding pickup.

Doing my duty, I screeched to a halt, backed up and picked up the tiny turtle to carry her across.  I followed the rule that you must always send a turtle in the same direction it was heading or else it will just turn around and attempt the road again.

Turtle carnage on the roads is usually made up of females. They are the ones who leave safety to lay their eggs far afield, though I doubt this youngster was in the egg game yet. It takes between six and sixteen years to reach sexual maturity so there’s quite a wait ahead.


Heading for the wilds as fast as she can go.

Junior here is called a painted turtle for her fine decorations of red and yellow stripes.  I hope she is grateful for the boost across the road. She took off through the grass at top speed, lurching over obstacles on her little legs. Good luck and may she not be eaten so she can hit the good times at sixteen.

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