Okay, So I Got a New Camera

Naturally, I have to post some pics.


This is a great white egret that is visiting my pond. Caught her preening herself which displeased her enough to fly up into one of the drowned cedar trees and glare at me fiercely. A very beautiful bird but I always wonder about why Mother Nature made egrets and swans white instead of the usual blend-in colours of most birds and animals.  Are they not just big white Eat Me signs for all the local predators?  And, yes, I have found after dinner piles of white feathers on the ground.




Phew, the cats have finally given up and left me hiding behind the door.  Now if I just hang from the baseboard and pretend I am invisible, perhaps this monster with a camera will go away too.  Boy, do I have a tale to tell the family when I get home.













Is it a rope, a cable, a fancy lamp cord?  No, it’s the long sinewy body of a garter snake coming out of winter hibernation. All fluidity, grace and speed and beautifully scaled to boot. There’s a special fence post where they all emerge, warm up in the sun, have a sex orgy and then slither off to take their chances crossing the road.







Rat-tat-tat-tat. Hairy woodpecker going at the iron peanut feeder. It’s beyond me how they don’t wreck their beaks on the little holes in the metal but they work hard, often in shifts. Chipmunks and red squirrels can also get their little buck teeth into the holes to empty the peanuts all on their own. Perhaps they need a tad of dentistry afterward.

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