Dead Things in the Country. Nature’s Recycle System.

Yes, life starts out cute. Baby robins, killdeer chicks, ultra adorable little red squirrels and, if you’re lucky enough to spot them, fox cubs or a fawn.  That’s one part of life out in the country.  There’s also the other part–the end.  Any stroll about the back pastures will turn up vivid evidence that denizens of the wild can meet their demise abruptly out among the cedars and long grass. Creatures that have had their party time and now pay their debt to the food chain so others can waltz on.  And I’m totally leaving out road kill which anyone can see any day of the year.  Raccoons, bunnies and squirrels with poor speed perception or fatal indecision in front of a vehicle do not make it to the other side of the road. Animals in the fields and woods have other things to worry about.

So I’ll spare you the ruminations on mortality and show a few pics of what I see when hiking about our rural neighbourhood. Enjoy the stroll.  Be glad when you get home again.

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