Ladybug Apocalypse

It’s November.  It’s almost summer warm.  And the ladybugs have gone frantic.


Let me in! Let me in! Oh please, let me in!

Just when we thought all the insects had been done in by the cold, they come barreling out on this sunny day, trying madly to find some refuge from the coming snows.  All of a sudden, ladybugs are crawling all over the windows, trying to get in.  They run anxiously up and down, fly off and come back for another attempt as if they know there is heaven and safety inside.

They march over the warmed bricks of the house and congregate on the sun heated shed door as if there is a better chance in a crowd. Some do get into the house and head straight for the sunny window or the computer screen. When they fall off, they end up as cat toys or little flat corpses for foolishly walking across the floor.


Made it onto the computer. Now to find the heat source and move in.

Despite their panic stricken and well founded fears, there nothing they or I can do to ward off the oncoming winter apocalypse. So carpe diem as the Romans say.  Little bugs, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy  the last day you’ll be warm enough to move this year.


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