Wars, More Wars, Terror, Refugee Misery. Time to Deal with Male Violence at the Source?

Those pitiful tides of refugees begging asylum all had homes and a country of their own before they had to flee for their lives.  Forced out by ruthless male violence.

Though certainly women may be involved, the vast majority of the world’s brutality is caused by men.  I’m not talking about the millions upon millions of kind, peaceful, honourable men who lovingly care for their families and work hard to contribute for the betterment of all.

I’m talking about the other kind.

The kind that start wars, invade their neighbours, exploit, steal, rape, torture, murder and lay waste with gleeful enthusiasm.  For thousands of years male violence had been humanity’s single main problem. Violence against each other, violence against women and children, against the environment, culture, the economy, etc. Think of those greedy, unpunished fellows who so recently pillaged our financial system, not caring a fig how much poverty and distress they spread around the globe.

Nor can outbreaks of violence be blamed on a single psycho nut leader.  Hitler did not ravage Europe all by himself.  He had thousands of enthusiastic accomplices more than willing to bomb cities flat, run concentration camps, toss babies into furnaces and grind helpless populations under the tracks of their tanks.  In the face of such aggression, masses of peaceful males are forced to become violent themselves in order to defend their homes.  In World War II, I’ve heard that 80% of the Russian men born in 1923 did not survive Hitler’s invasion.  I’m sure most of them would rather have been planting potatoes or singing drinking songs rather than frantically rushing into the bloody, last ditch battle to save their families and their homeland.

Trying to keep down male violence is a never ending game of Whack-A-Mole with the odds against us.  A glance at history is mostly a tale of wars.  The ancient books of the Bible, all about guys, contain invasion and destruction from one end to the other.  Squelch one trouble spot and another one springs up around the corner, endlessly devouring resources that should be used to build housing, save wetlands or see that every child has schooling and enough to eat.

Look at any failed state or region today where folks have finally managed to oust their nasty dictator.  Do they grab the opportunity to form peaceful, all inclusive committees that plan the most beneficial government for all?  No, they grab guns, sprout gangs, militias and warlords. start shooting each other and terrorizing the weakest among them. Any chance at peace dies in the fever to fight for power and exploit the unprotected.

Violence and devastation begets more violence and devastation, creating cycles that make peace on Earth a pallid fantasy. It is pretty clear that the violence will continue until these fellows manage, one way or another, to run the whole planet into ruin.  Male violence, after all, created the ranks of nuclear weapons still sitting temptingly at hand, fully  armed and pointed at our heads.

Time to stop lamenting that “boys will be boys” and do something about the problem at the source.

Suppose we take a few billion out of defense budgets and use the money to study violent human males right down to the DNA level until we find out WHAT THE F*** IS WRONG WITH THEM!

Suppose we treat male violence as the deadliest disease we have ever had to face and rise to the challenge of wiping it out.  This is not a frivolous idea. Today we have enormous scientific resources at our fingertips. Why not  use them to go after male violence the way we went after, and beat,  small pox, TB and polio?

Let’s discover what makes it possible for them to deliberately starve and bomb whole populations,  carry out death squad assassinations, rape and murder screaming women and children, poison land and water, try to kill the last rhino, scheme to subvert decent governments, drag people into slavery, run vicious drug cartels,  create those kill or we’ll kill you traps that keep the military swelled and force everyone, peaceful or not, to become violent.

We can unearth the answer if we are determined enough. Maybe it is some rogue gene that needs removing.  Or a particularly horrific mental illness infecting mind and body. Perhaps a brain deformity that prevents compassion and should no longer be passed to new generations. Maybe we can come up with an anti-violence vaccine to be administered as a matter of course along with the diphtheria, polio and whooping cough jabs. It might be as simple as a critical nutritional deficiency.  Who knows!

Whatever makes violent menfolk so monstrously deranged, we must root out the cause and find a way to heal the sickness. Then we’ll have a chance at a stable, sustainable, happy existence for all Earth’s children.  We could probably do it in a week once we got our hands on the vast resources no longer sucked up by  worldwide military spending.

Though this Nina Paley video is about the Middle East, it serves as a capsule  history of just about everywhere else guys have taken to bashing each other.






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