Far Flung Romance Made New Again

KofG fvrK3Kisses of Gold is the new ebook edition of one of the first romance novels I ever wrote many years ago.  I have much affection for the book.  I’m afraid I was  under the influence of Violet Winspear, the queen of desert princes, brooding aristocrats and dark, sardonic rogues, all rolling in cash, of course, and all hiding the lonesome, yearning  heart so irresistible to romance readers. Raoul del Rey (dontcha love that name) is my version.

True to form, he drinks his coffee black and bitter, grew up wild in the mountains of Peru and will stop at nothing to grasp his goal.  Our heroine fights gamely but the odds are against her in a strange land as she gets hopelessly lost at the Carnival in Lima or tries to fend off Raoul when he has her alone in an ancient Inca stronghold.

The chase is a lot of fun to read and I sure did a lot of research on Peru.  Even now I am astonished at the colour, detail and atmosphere  of Peru I managed to evoke. I had a lot of energy then. If nothing else Kisses of Gold makes one entertaining travelogue.

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