Beavers again. Smarter than me!

Beavers not only found the end of the hidden drainage pipe, they dragged it out of the water so it could flow no more. Ha, ha humans!

Bash a hole in a beaver dam and they fix it before you walk out of sight My attempts to breach the dam before their pond drowns the entire oak woods, have only met with beaver mirth.  In their distant lodge, the first trickle triggers the emergency repair squad to stop up the gap.  So, on learning how they are alerted by the sound of running water, I hit upon the very clever plan of burying a long piece of drainage piping UNDER the dam with both ends far enough away that the beavers would not connect them with the water gushing into the field.  Snickering to myself about perplexed rodents, I installed the pipe and restored the dam to it’s solid condition, confident the ditches would soon move the pond water on its way.

Two days later. Not much water in the ditch, none of it moving.  Back at the dam, the beavers had not only figured out my strategy, they had found the end of the pipe deep in their pond and actually dragged the end up out of the water so it could flow no more.  The bite holes all along it, were the beavers telling me they are way smarter than I think and I should just give it up.  They will always win.

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