Sometimes You Gotta Love a Marketing Pic

I stumbled across this when wandering the web.  Like nearly all of us, I’m pretty impervious to marketing. The slicker it is, the more I resist. However I completely fell for this one which advertises a Nova Scotia dairy that has been serving its community for 90 years.

The website is charmingly confused so that “About Us” leads to chat about calcium, package recycling and lactose intolerance.  If you engage with the  “Contact” page, you will end up with home delivery.  If you try “Recipes” you get tiny videos of startled farmers ambushed  by women who  plant a kiss, then bolt out of sight across the pasture.

They even confess that they used a little salt to get the cow to kiss Willy.  No ad agency photographer would let the public in on such a secret.

And they are very heavy on the recipes, which seem to be generously contributed by the very farm women whose cows provide the milk.  That’s keeping things close to home.

Good to know regional business chugs on, keeping their personality, doing things their own  way.   So whip up a yummy batch of Jeanie’s brownie pudding and salute the happy cows of Nova Scotia.


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