A Big Story Gets Bigger Type

The Tomorrow Country is a big story fitted into a compact book.  However, after several comments from book buyers about “needing glasses”, I realized there is a whole cadre of fiction lovers out there, the baby boomers, who need friendlier type.  So The Tomorrow Country has now been reset in larger print  and on creme paper to further pamper the eyes.  So, Boomers, you don’t have to squint any more.  If you don’t have a book yet, check it out the easy-reading improvement.

Gail Hamilton’s books.

Successful book launch!

The book launch, at the wonderful bookstore, Books & Co., in Picton, was a fun event and gave The Tomorrow Country a vigorous start.  Plenty of friends and neighbours showed up to wish the book well and get their copy.  The striking cover stood out beautifully.  I met at least two people who told me about being descended from Home Children which was very

The Tomorrow Country is launched at Books % Co., Picton.

fascinating to hear.  I used the birth of the Child Emigration Movement in England as a starting point for a story of high adventure, social upheaval and deep romance, all to make the book first and foremost, a jolly good read. I can’t wait to hear back from the first readers.

Gail Hamilton’s books.

Marsh Fire

The marsh caught fire and gave the neighbourhood a scare. Luckily, out volunteer fire department got it out before it reached the open marsh and jumped to the dry brush on the hill behind the barn.

Gail Hamilton’s books.


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