Home Sweet Helmet

The many creatures that live around me are  thinking about getting through the winter.  I order load of wood.  They do their best to move into the house or set up in one of the outbuildings.  The cats are on patrol for foolish mice, to the point of ripping out basement insulation.  I come across corpses of the small  unwary regularly on the floor.

Using heat as an excuse, I missed my bike ride for three days.  When I HelmetBikewas ready to go out again, I found somebody had already already started moving into my bike helmet.  It was neatly packed with dead leaves and nest-ready.

Unfortunately, I had to remove the new home in order to keep my skull armoured on the road.  I am still puzzled as to the builder who climbed HelmetNestup laboriously carrying leaf after leaf.  Seems too ambitious for a mouse.  Chipmunks live in burrows.  A small red squirrel might fit itself in with care.

There are spare helmets on the shelf.  Maybe a new subdivision will pop up before the first frost nips in.


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