Looking at Little Things

This month our camera club challenge was macro photos, taking close ups of  small things outdoors. It can be tricky to do as close up photos tend to have a narrow depth of field, meaning that only part of something is in focus. A bee’s eye is looks at you sharply but its yellow rear end remains a blur.

I was bit dismayed to discover that those brilliantly clear scientific photos of insects, etc. are created from dozens of photos, each with a different body part in focus.  The photos are then combined on a computer and, presto, a completely sharp result. 

Of course, for this to work, the insect has to be dead and professionally cleaned. Can’t have it wriggling or smirched with dust while its portrait is being taken. All this is far beyond me.  I just aimed my trusty little Sony up close, cropped out the extras and served up the result.

House mouse making a run for it after being freed outside behind the barn.


Salamanders found underneath the wood chopping block. They escape very fast.

Could be a magic shell hidden in the gravel. The elves inside refuse to come out.

This bull tab of a crushed roadside can has long since transferred its power to some long ago buzzed up driver slurping behind the wheel.

Look at me dance! Caterpillar with lots of feet shows off its fancy moves.
Insects having a pollen party on a wild daisy.
Hairy fellow on the march. Don’t touch.

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