Some Fave Photo Fun in 2021

Trolling through my photos from the recent past, I came upon some favourites, either direct from the camera or played with via Photoshop, an endlessly entertaining tool.  Let’s have a look at a few.

I learned how to fake looking at a scene through a glass ball. If it were a genuine crystal ball, the scene inside would be upside down through some mysterious magic of real glass. Someone in optics might know how that works.


Two of the turkey vultures who like to sit in the barn roof. Sometimes there are six or seven of them. This pair checks me out for possible food value. They are almost big enough to carry me off.


The once loved old house is abandoned and the lady who lived there long buried. Yet she can’t bear to have her flowers neglected. Her ghost faithfully makes sure they still bloom.


Trying out a little Gothic moodiness on a curve in the road. It definitely needs a dark, sinister figure flitting across in a cloak.


A bit of surreal colour floating over the stormy sky. Is it modern art? You decide.


Some trees along the fence line take a fantastic flight into a troubled sky. Hope they survive the journey.


I just wanted to see what I could do with a squirrel and a bottle. Put them into panic mode, apparently.


Rascal caught in the act of draining the hummingbird feeder. Raccoons, squirrels and chipmunks slurp up the nectar like tipsy boozers madly hooked on the sugar high.

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