Trying Out Pet Portraiture

If you want experiment with a camera there is usually a pet handy to catch in your lens.  The good natured ones may humour you. The other kind require stealth and surprise.  Wiliness and agility are your friends.  Here are a few of my efforts as I dip into this tricky art.

Sydney, rescued as a Romanian street kitten. Sydney has lived in Romania, Kazakhstan, Spain, British Columbia and with me. Her frequent flyer points are impressive. She lost a hind leg to an accident and iffy European vet care. She has now retired to a grand historic home in town where she ambushes chipmunks for fun. She can eat a chipmunk whole, leaving no trace but the tail.


Bella, a frequent visitor adopted as a rescue by a friend who thought she was getting a modest Lab cross. Bella turned out to be pure Great Pyrenees Mountain dog with size to match. She takes up the whole couch but gets away with it due to her soulful Hollywood eyes.


Bella at leisure on the rug.


A frolic in the snow. Bella can knock you down in a single bound if you aren’t ready to dodge.


Bella tries out black and white while strolling through the woods.


Pair of half grown orange sisters making a cuddle heap on my chair.


Round rug, round kitty, round all round.


City cat named Sprout soaking up the sunshine in the window over the garden.


Glamour shot of my Siamese pal, Rummy. She dreams she is Cleopatra, of course.


“Please, please take me home,” begs this little tabby awaiting adoption. She longs for that special someone to look once and fall in love. Then she just might find a forever home before her cute stage passes.




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