Why are Monsters, Aliens, Dinosaurs, Spectres and Rogue Robots Always so Mad?

MonsterHey, it’s Halloween.  So I’ll toss out the question that has bugged me for years. Why are nearly all the strange creatures we encounter on screen and in books, in a such a state of fury. Why are they bent on destroying everything they encounter? Which is mostly us.

Oh, there are some pleasant ones like the Iron Giant and ET.  But generally speaking, the creatures that crawl out of tombs, escape from labs or drop in from the galaxy, immediately go on a rampage, trashing or devouring anything in their path.  I’m still traumatized from seeing War of the Worlds as a kid. For weeks, I wondered when the Martians would vaporize my house and all within.  There is the Blob out to engulf any life form. Triffids march to kill, toothed horrors erupt from bodies of water or from the very earth (Tremors) to exterminate whatever they can.

All this is replicated in greenish Halloween masks covered with oozing warts and snarling in full attack mode.  No matter how weird the monster, they have two requisites: evil, bugging eyes and multiple rows of sharp, slavering teeth. All the better to eat us with.

So why all the anger and running berzerk?  Why don’t the werewolves  just sniff lamp posts and enjoy the leash free dog park? Can’t the visiting aliens go sightseeing and thank us with a host gift of super advanced technology?  The undead might want to be grateful they can walk again and catch up on the latest news with their living relatives.  Mummies could politely ask to have their rotten old wrapping replaced with wrinkle-free,  non allergenic modern fabrics. Crazed lab beasts might better spend their time trying out restorative nature cures. How about the rogue robots shut down to rejig their whacky internal programming instead of wasting their batteries running amuck.

So, creatures of flesh and metal, can’t we be friends in the future? We’ll get over your dangling eyes and putrid smells.  And you block out the the idea that humans are too delicious to resist. Block it out hard enough and the bargain might hold.


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