Learn. Relearn. Write, Write, Write.

KeyboardBack from a week long writing retreat for novelists.   Learned that I have forgotten there is actual technique behind the novel.  I just write it.  Learned how to mine my own life story for material.  Wish I had a more exciting life.  Learned that novel is a person in a place with a problem and a plan. The plan doesn’t work.  The story gets interesting. The problem gets worse. Learned that readers wish they were the character, feel they are the character or thank the heavens above they are not the character.  Wonder where my characters fit.  Learned the narrator is the teller of the tale.  Everything we know is because someone told the tale. Vast tracts of history are lost because the teller was missing.  Learned writers of all levels are endowed with loads of potential and imagination. Learned one is never done polishing the craft.  Back to the keyboard renewed, sobered and enthused. Thanks, Teacher. A novel is on the way.



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